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WELCOME to the website for CBT Newtownabbey. If you are interested in trying self-help therapy to assist you with panic attacks, stress, phobias or depression etc, please read on.......

In recent years, there have been massive advances in medicine and psychology and these have given us a much better understanding of emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression and stress. The most promising of all is CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). CBT uses these new advances in knowledge to help people who experience emotional problems in their everyday lives. EVERYONE experiences these same psychological and biological processes every day; from the worry of a parent about their child, to the stress of meeting demands both at work and in the home, and in numerous other situations. Unfortunately for some people, these common concerns can become magnified, and they develop high level anxiety, or even panic attacks; subtle changes to behaviour patterns and thinking styles also develop, and these can be very unhelpful. Over time individuals begin to lose confidence, and as a consequence their mood is dragged down. These conditions can be very distressing, but they are surprisingly common. Figures from the NHS consistently put estimates of patients visiting their GP with emotional disorders at 30-35%, and many of these people will be prescribed medications.

The fundamental premise of CBT holds that if individuals become aware of the processes involved in their own thinking and behaviour, they would be able to modify them in some way, and this leads to changes in how they feel. In fact, the therapy itself is actually quite structured. The therapist endeavours to be open-minded and non-judgemental, and encourages people to look at their personal issues in a way which shows the links between thoughts and behaviours. Sometimes JUST UNDERSTANDING a problem helps to lessen it's impact. Of course simply understanding it is not always enough; we need to do something about it. But at least by understanding how the various parts of a problem come together, we can target specific aspects of it to work on. It is a surprisingly straightforward and effective process, and commonly clients start to feel a sense of control after only one session.
There is now a huge mass of research which supports the effectiveness of CBT, both in the UK and around the globe. Indeed the focus of the NHS has now firmly switched to provide much more CBT in the future.

AND WHY DO PEOPLE CHOOSE THE PRIVATE HEALTHCARE ROUTE ??? ......... well, for a number of reasons:
- some individuals want to deal with their problem WITHOUT taking tablets.
- to avoid the long NHS waiting times (typically several months for CBT).
- people don't like the fuss of filling in NHS forms.
- they may want to ensure that there are no records held by their own doctor.
- people do not like the idea of being treated by students.
- some people may feel that their own personal problem is at a sub-clinical level, and they merely want more confidence in dealing with one or two specific issues.
- most people prefer one-to-one work, as opposed to GROUP therapy.

CBT Newtownabbey is a private service for those people who wish to avail of the benefits of CBT without the inconvenience of using NHS services. We aim to offer a first appointment within 7 days, and bureaucracy is kept to an absolute minimum. We treat most of the common emotional difficulties involving severe anxiety, low mood and stress. We also offer a service of life-skills training based on the principles of CBT, for those who simply want to enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle.

The therapists involved are fully registered with the relevant Statutory bodies. They are certified to very advanced levels. Moreover, they have many years of hands-on clinical experience, dealing with many hundreds (actually thousands) of clients' issues.

AND SO ......
Have a look through the various sections of this site. For your convenience, you will notice we do not use cookies, or any other distracting devices on the site. If you feel we may be of help, complete the enquiry form on the contact page at the end, or if you prefer, you can call the therapist directly for an informal discussion - you can do this anonymously if you like. Also, some people might prefer to work specifically with either a male or female therapist, and this can easily be arranged.

Welcome again to CBT Newtownabbey...........