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Unlike other forms of distressing fear or anxiety, for those people who have PTSD, their nightmare has already actually happened. Typically, they repeatedly re-experience the event in their heads, and each and every time, it feels real. Memories are vivid, and the feelings are intensely uncomfortable. Small wonder they spend most of their wakened lives developing ways of avoiding anything which triggers these. Almost always, they are in a state of “hyper-vigilence” to ensure they can spot signs of a possible threat at a distance, to allow them time to escape. Also they spend long periods simply trying to “avoid the emotions”. Some sufferers go on to abuse substances to get some sort of relief. Inevitably, their mood dips.

In fact, there are different “patterns” of trauma. Some are one-off events, and some are repeated and follow a ritualised routine. Some traumatic events occur by pure chance, while others may be inflicted with spiteful intent.

No matter the actual nature of the trauma, PTSD is truly an unpleasant and debilitating condition. Our treatment starts by looking at the many things clients avoid. We encourage clients to NOT AVOID everyday activities, but instead to engage in their previous behaviours. At the same time we try to show that a much more effective approach is to learn to deal with distressing emotions in a “graduated” fashion.........