CBT Newtownabbey

As we grow and mature our attitude to the world around us is very much influenced by the beliefs and thought processes we develop. A persons' sense of self, and his place in the world, is often dependent upon the way he thinks about the nature of the world around him. This involves not just the actual content of our thoughts, but also those mini processes involved in bringing the thoughts to our conscious awareness: (for example, why EXACTLY do we focus on some elements of an issue and ignore other elements); psychologists call these processes "cognitive biases".

Those people with clinical depression consistently demonstrate very definite patterns of distorted views of the world, and as a result their mood can reflect this, ie they feel low. Combine this with self-defeating behaviours and it is clear that a person can very quickly find themselves in a downward spiral of low mood, and this is reflected in their everyday functioning..

By looking at how our thought patterns have developed, we can often identify the cognitive biases for our negative emotions. Challenging these biased thought patterns can lead to a more balanced view of ourselves, while establishing a healthier balance of everyday activities may help to stop this downward spiral, and indeed reverse it. Our therapist can help you explore whether your thought patterns are contributing to how you feel........